Walkman? Huh? What’s that?

It is truly amazing to see how fast things have changed with regards to technology. I can remember countless hours spent listening to my walkman, creating mix tapes, and trying to capture my favorite song on the radio by quickly pressing play & record. This quirky youtube video really highlighted just how antiquated such things are now compared to what we can do and how strange it seems to this new generation of kids who are so deeply enmeshed in our technology rich world. I got great laugh watching their reactions to a walkman. How strange it truly must seem to them!

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One Response to Walkman? Huh? What’s that?

  1. Ivory Chang says:

    I just watched the video and got some thoughts of fun from it yesterday. It really showed how fast the technology is changed. However, the video got me to think the big gap between generations. Actually, I was surprised a little bit for kids who didn’t know how to operate walkmans. Even they were told how to open walkmans, they couldn’t put cassettes into walkmans well. Why it surprised me is that kids learn how to use new technology very well. Sometimes, they even needn’t to learn and can be good at using new media. It reflects the different learning and thinking ways between digital natives and digital immigrants.
    How many years for a generation gap? Though I don’t know the answer, I am pretty sure years will be shorter and shorter. In my opinion, what we need to learn is to respect each other and keep it in mind “those who are not ready to live in the digital age will be left behind.


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