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ASCD recently shared an article by Mind/Shift entitled, Tapping Into the Potential of Games and Uninhibited Play for Learning, that discusses the effective use of game based learning in the classroom. It mentions one way to shape your approach to model more closely the structure of video games in order to enhance learning is to have:

“…receive badges recognizing the successful completion of each assignment. Maybe future learning units are imagined like sequential game worlds–a certain number of badges are required to “open each portal.” The portal is the next lesson or the next learning module. When learning is structured this way, students intuitively understand the cumulative nature of learning [my emphasis]. They’re motivated to master a compounding sequence of skills.”

The article also goes on to discuss how taking a games based approach can help to harness the power of Fiero, which “is the rush of excitement that gamers experience when they overcome challenges [and]… [it] is a rush unlike any other rush, and the more challenging the obstacle we overcome, the more intense the fiero.” By tapping into this rush, educators can help students to feel empowered about taking control of their own education and encouraging them to try more and more challenges and take greater risks. Follow the Mind/Shift blog for more ideas on how to incorporate game based learning or gamification into your teaching.


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