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Tweet, Tweet, Tweet: Course 5 Project Ideas

I have been doing Current Events with my students for a number of years and I’ve always found that two of the biggest challenges with it have been ensuring that the students are reading for meaning when they select their … Continue reading

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Who Made the Biggest Impact? A Social Studies Assignment

When I was creating this activity for the students, I had two goals: I wanted them to develop their online research skills and essay writing skills but, I also wanted them to be able to present their information in a … Continue reading

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Infographics in the Classroom

Infographics in the Classroom I had clearly seen infographics before today; but, I had never thought of them as an educational tool. I simply thought infographics were something that advertisers used to sell their products. But after learning more about … Continue reading

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Digital Storytelling

Digital Stories in Education As an educator, I am always looking for new ways to create authentic assessments that incorporate technology. After reading about digital story telling as a way to have students, inform, persuade, or analyze a particular topic, … Continue reading

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Course One Project: Animal Short Story

Below is a summative assessment that I have done at the end of a unit on short stories. After students have learned about the various elements of fiction through the analysis of short stories, they are tasked with the challenge … Continue reading

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What are you doing to be awesome?

My husband showed this video to me last night and I absolutely fell in love with it and have watched it three times since then. What it reminded me of was how important it is to connect what you are … Continue reading

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